weekend 2 giugno | Lantana garden is well worth a visit!

Weekend 2nd June | Lantana garden is well worth a visit!

Gorgeous garden, come and discover its secrets!

The Mediterranean essences, the emerald fields, the astounding palm grove comprising over 100 palms of 15 different species, the succulents, the putting green, the shrubs in bloom, countless  acclimatized exotic plants and the citrus grove of the Arabian garden, are the true highlights of this paradise created by the passion of the owners of the Lantana Resort to instil beauty and tranquillity in their guests, at just 1500 meters from the crystal clear sea of Nora.


Free entry - subject to compulsory reservation  070-924411  info@lantanaresort.it

Our garden is part of the “APGI” (Italian Parks and Gardens Trust)